Celebrating Women Empowered by their Intellect

EST. 2011

"During My Senior Year, [CGR] came to Osborne High School and gave me an "I AM MORE" Care Package for college. I just want to say thank you again! My first year of college at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff has been great. Besides being in the band, I obtained a 4.0 for the whole year. Hopefully, this year I can do the same!"

-Neba, College Freshman and CGR #iammore recipient



COLLEGE GIRLS who ROCK ARE LEADERS on and off their campuses, in AND around their communities, whether they know it or not. We exist to develop, encourage and support female students while giving them the opportunity and resources to find the leaders within themselves. 


COLLEGE GIRLS who ROCK ARE MENTORS to their peers, communities, youth and campuses. We believe that knowledge is power, and wisdom is the most valuable possession one can have. When we use our knowledge and wisdom to build into one another, we are unstoppable. 


community servants

COLLEGE GIRLS who ROCK SERVE! It's simple. As leaders and mentors, it is our duty to serve the communities that create, educate and develop the children of our future. We believe that we will ALWAYS get return on the daily investments we make to serve our communities.