It's October and CGR-ESU has already had 10 successful events on campus and are on their way to exceed their goals for the semester. Although their semester is off to a great start, there are two e-board members who haven't been holding their weight; the publicity and secretary chairs. Meeting notes are scribbled on pieces of paper and barely include details of the meeting. The publicity chair has forced other e-board members to create flyers, promote events and take pictures because she is continuously absent and too "busy" to post on Social Media. No one from the e-board has ever addressed these concerns with either member because the semester is going so well. Should they say something? If so, how should they say it & what expectations should be set? If not, why?

How could the situation have been avoided?

What next steps would you suggest to ensure the situation is rectified?

Can you relate to any of the girls in the above scenario? If so, who?