Intern Program-Projects

Project 2 Due by 7:30pm, Wednesday 3/1/2017

FOR ALL: Pop Up Project #2 [$20]: Video/Photo Content for our website- We need pictures/videos of "College Girls" for our website re-launch! The intern to submit the most pictures/videos that capture "college girls in action" will win Pop-Up project #2! (Send pics and videos to me or share via Google Photos].

Fatima Balde- Accounting | Finance/Fundraising

Organize CGR finances for both University Chapters

Project 2: Organize CGR Expenses

  • Gather receipts from the CGR E-mail account and mark the expenses that have receipts on the Google Drive Document titled "Expenses"
    • Only required for 2017 expenses (don't worry about 2016)
  • Itemize the CGR expenses from 2016 and 2017- identify % of budget spent on each "expense type"
    • based on Expense Types in Columns D
      • vents, Events Community Service Related, Events Non-Comm Service Related, Fundraiser, Marketing/Publicity, Meetings, Membership, "Other"
        • or all "other" expense, create a separate sheet to calculate % of "other" expenses
      • tips: Calculate total dollars spent -> Filter Column D by each Expense Type -> Calculate the sum and divide it into the "total dollars spent" to get the % of dollars spent for that "Expense Type"

Requirements: Put an "X" in column I if there is a receipt found. Calculate % of expenses in separate Google Drive excel file and share with

Goal: College Girls Rock has a clear understanding of WHERE CGR-U money has gone in the past and how funds are spent and/or invested.

Thank you for your hard work on collecting the data for 2016! So glad that's off our plate- we appreciate your hard work!

Nia Wellman- Social Media Content Curator | Social Media Writing

We want our social media presence to be impactful, engaging and enlightening to those who follow us. We need to do this by showcasing content that is not only relevant to them, but relevant to our mission and purpose!

Project 2: Twitter

Twitter: 140 characters to motivate, enlighten or inspire our followers. We now have a twitter account called @CollegeGrlsRock (unfortunately we had to cut out the "i" because the name was too long). We need to design our Twitter, begin following people and begin posting relevant and engaging content. 

Reminders: If you are using someone else's pictures (ex. Girlboss, Essence, Huff Post Women)  be sure to keep track of the site and URL so that we can tag them on the post If it's an inspirational article, be sure to site your references. 

Login: CollegeGrlsRock, Password (tylerclaudio11)

Requirements: Please stay away from posting offensive content. All content should be appropriate for anyone reading that is 13+  

Goal: 100 followers, 50 tweets

Thank you for collecting those instagram pictures! We look forward to including them on our page- please feel free to continue adding to the folder as you find more inspirational content! 

Samantha Bruno- Website Content Curator | Written Communication (affiliate/partners)

Our website re-launch will also include a "Tagline Re-Launch". Right now, each of our University Chapters use the tagline "Smart Girls Finish First" or #SGFF. We are changing this tagline to be more reflective of who we are as members of CGR... "Women Empowered by Their Intellect" or #EmpoweredIntellect. We want to highlight a few women who have been "Empowered by Their Intellect" on our website. ("Empowered Intellect" means that these women used their "brains" and intellect to empower them and get them ahead in life vs. the typical stereotypes of how women "get ahead" (sex, beauty, status, a man "putting them on")). 

Project 2: Please research one woman in each of the fields below and write a brief (1 paragraph is fine) summary of their accomplishments and how they were Empowered by their Intellect. Include the following- what they do for a living, what school they went to, 3 key things they did to get them where they are today)

  • Medical Field
  • Tech World
  • Business/Entrepreneurship 
  • Communications/Journalism
  • Film (I strongly suggest Issa Rae)

Requirements: Upload into Google Drive in a Word Document and share with

Goal: at least 5 women featured from 5 different industries that can inspire other young women to be "Empowered by their Intellect" as well. 

Thank you for those awesome e-mail templates! The team is excited to use them as we begin to contact potential partners for our "re-launch" in the coming weeks!

Gabrielle Viard- Website Graphics | Website Written Content

In the past 5 years, College Girls Rock has failed to keep an archive of Past CGR Programs. In order to receive our 501c3 tax exempt status, we MUST gather as much information as possible on the previous programs hosted by the organization. We will also place this information on our website to give our supporters a look into what we've accomplished. 

Project 2: [Part 1] CGR-UWG only- please visit CGR-UWG's Instagram page (@collegegirlsrock_uwg) and collect information for ALL Programs as far back as possible (don't worry about 2017, that information is already collected). I will send you a document that includes the format.

The document will ask you to "place an X by type of event". Here is a guide to understand how events are categorized:

  • Scholarship: Educational/Informative event about a certain topic concerning the campus/community. Ex: Resume Builders, Breast Cancer Awareness Events, Civil Rights Awareness Events)
  • Service: The organization took time to complete a service or task for someone else in their community or on campus. Ex. Road Clean Up, High School Visit, Nursing Home Visit
  • Social: Engagement Activity that is not "Educational/Informative" that brings bodies of students together. Ex. Pages of Our Diaries, Skate Night, Zumba

If you are unsure if an event is [social/service/scholarship] just leave it blank. 

Reminders: Please include ALL activities that they've posted (community service, awareness, events, collaborations) but don't worry about including any General Body Meetings that have been advertised 

Requirements: Complete in the Excel document that was sent to you 

Goal: CGR has an archive of ALL CGR-UWG Events from 2013 and beyond. 


Thank you for that amazing article! I am so excited that we now have content that articulates why the movement exists! Can't wait to post when we re-launch the website!