Pages of Our Diaries is a production that has been held on the Universities of West Georgia's campus since 2011. In 5 years, over 100 students have performed monologues, poems, songs and dance to a sold out crowed who will inevitably be left impacted by their performances. Each year, there are those pieces that leave the crowed absolutely stunned... we call them CLASSICS.

Each week we will feature more and more classics from the previous years... Let's throw it ALL the way back with some pieces that left the crowed in AWE! 

POD-2011: Classics

The Intro- Written by Ericka Claudio,          Performed by Kelby Mitchell

Secrets. We all have our secrets. Living in a world of lies, hiding from secrets. And we cant trust nobody. I mean I don’t have no one to talk to. I once was a loud mouth fool, telling my secrets to the world. Thinking somebody cared about me, I told my secrets. I told the world about my promiscuous phase, my animalistic ways, my men, my women, my kids, my pain. I told the world, just as I am telling you…except then I was just a fool. Baby, I have stories but I didn’t have no paper and pen. I had scars and regrets and bitterness in my heart to remind me. I recorded my mistakes with my walk, my talk, my game. After I told the world my secret I was never the same. You don’t need to know who I am, just call me whatever you want to. After living a life like mine you have no become a memory. A mark of blood against the wall, that will soon wash away. You become reality. REALity. A name belongs to someone existing, something worth having, calling, wanting. And I am sorry to say that I am none of those things. I am just a memory, that the world forgot to forget after hearing my story. And so you came here for a show? HA, you thought you were coming to a showcase, production; assuming you would be entertained. [SCREAMING] Do you think this is funny?! 16 girls, 16 souls, 16 lovers, 16 lives, 16 dairies read aloud tonight. And you came here the “watch” their pain? To hear their stories?  You think their reality qualifies as your nights entertainment…and you just might be right. Women they always have stories. They always have life trembling in each falling tear. These ladies, sluts, victims, warriors, addicts are backstage waiting to reveal their secrets to you. They want to lose the same identity I once had. They desire a life renewed, and an enlightened mind. And maybe once the world knows of their story, they will be forgotten and all their pain will stop existing and just be a memory. I must warn you…these women are exactly who they say they are and you might not like them. And you don’t have to, but you will respect them. Okay, with no further a due I present to you the Pages of our Diaries. 

Zues was his Father: Written by Ericka & Tyler Originally Performed by: Carmen Carroll    

His name was Apollo and Zeus was his father

He was so fine

Successful black man of my time

Had a demeanor that was so oh so DIVINE

And ladies I know you can’t relate

I’m talking about those guys that use freshmen as their bate

Leaving her for their SISTERS to hate

He was my secret and I was his fool

Because Zeus was his father

I tried to control the lust that grew in my soul

But when he found it, because finding it was his purpose

All lust became clear, and yes! Girl it was worth it

I thought I was special because of all girls he choose me

But then I realized I just an addition to his main three

Because Zeus was his father

And he made me feel like royalty too

Until he STROLLED out of my existence like all niggas go

And at first I was surprised but then I had to remember

That girls like my kind don’t make it past December

Because Zeus was his father

He could do this to me

Dapping up his BROTHERS

My stupidity for all the world to see

I tried to make EXCUSES and even lie to myself

But because Zeus was his father none of this helped

I was pulled into a world I didn’t CROSS into from the start

So foolishly I opened my legs and gave Apollo my heart

Because Zeus was his father

I wasn’t allowed to tell a soul

I couldn’t even explain to my friends why people were calling me a hoe

He had to maintain the respect of Zeus

No, he could contribute to the things those new niggas do

Because Zeus was his father

I was supposed to be honored about being linked to him

I was expected to kept silent when he moved on to my friend

It was made acceptable to be done wrong

Because ZEUS was his father and had been all along

Black and Blue Confessions: Written By Tyler Lanier Performed by: Victoria

One hit
Two hit
Three hit
and by the fifth hit I feel nothing
Numb to my core
There's my mother sitting crying by the door
The 6th hit goes to her for raising me a whore
The 7th to my sister for even being born
And the 8th hit to his arm where the crack cocain is stored
Drugs misused
My family abused
And I'm stuck wondering why my life is in use
One look
Two look
Three look
And by the 5th look the mirror comes crashing to the floor
82 reflections, misconceptions, deceptions
Why me, Why my mother , why my sister,  and  why is my child
my brother?
Why not another with misdirection
Why am I the result of that mans erections
My black and blue confessions
Why me

POD Song: Written by the Fall 2011 cast of POD

I am...

Surviving the times of pain

I am...

Breaking Barriers down that's in my way

no matter what happens

I make my own today

I am strong

I am wise, I am free

and these are the Pages of...

Our Diaries