The Purpose: provide positive, purposeful and developmental experiences for underrepresented minority students to prepare them for college, ensure they succeeds in college and guarantee their success after college.

Founded in 2011 by 2 College Freshmen eager to be role models for any young girl uninspired or unenthused about post-secondary education. This movement is now led by young women who share that dream and believe that everyone deserves a chance to have a worthwhile college experience

Our Mission Statement: To make sure college is worth it for ALL students!

our core values


1. We Are Empowered by our Intellect
2. We Are Unapologetically Ourselves
3. We Are Leaders
4. We Are Culturally Competent   
5. We Always Have Positive Vibes
6. We have integrity
7. We are disciplined
8. We are respectful
9. We hold each other accountable
10. We have fun!

fulfilling our purpose and having fun!