CGR-ASU is at an e-board meeting and it is clear that the social chair has an attitude from the minute she walks in. The president asks if there is a problem she'd like to address and the social chair looks directly at the Vice President. The room becomes tense and quiet and finally the Vice President says "I feel like me and the social chair do ALL of the work! Even work that's not our responsibility! The e-board never comes to events & if they do it's only the "popular" events and they don't help set up or contribute time". The social chair starts clapping and adds "we are grown ass women who should all no how to take care of our responsibilities! I'm tired of doing everybody else's work just because y'all wanna be lazy!" The rest of the e-board gets defensive and states why they don't attend events: class, work, family, other orgs. The service chair states that the social chair and VP SHOULD do most of the work because they don't have jobs and their majors are "easy". Chaos continues until the president is forced to adjourn the meeting to keep members from fighting. 

What is the best way to mediate the situation?

How could the situation have been avoided?

What next steps would you suggest to ensure the situation is rectified?

Can you relate to any of the girls in the above scenario? If so, who?