The Executive Team

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Tyler . Ericka . SaQuetta . Jasmine . TaNesse . Jada . Zhanee . DesMonet

Founders Board

Lead  by: Tyler and Ericka


1. Provide financial assistance to underrepresented young women before, during and after their educational journey's

-CGR Sponsors, Donors, Fundraisers

2. Provide communities for all women to feel supported throughout their educational journey's

-CGR-University, CGR Community, CGR Mentor Program, CGR National Meeting

3. Provide opportunities for women to succeed and thrive beyond their educational journey's

-CGR Bridge to Employment, CGR-Alumni, CGR-Go-Trips

Goal 1 (T): Create Short Term and Long Term Goals for the Executive Team

2020 goals

  1. Expand to TWO NEW Universities in the South East Region
  2. Create an engaging mentoring program for high school and college women
  3. Host a CGR Conference to bring together women who believe in the power of education
  4. Create spaces for young like-minded women to network, engage and thrive
  5. Create a Bridge to Employment program for all CGR-University Members
  6. Give away 6 Scholarships to high school and college students around the nation!

Goal 2 (T): Staff and Oversee Success of the Executive Team and Interns 

Goal 3 (E): Maintain Charitable Organization/Non-Profit Status. Represent CGR amongst Non-Profit Community 

Goal 4 (E): Report Progress to CGR Board of Directors and Key Stakeholders


Lead by: SaQuetta and Jasmine, Directors of SE&P

Special Events and Programming's missoin is to coordinate and plan events to garner further support of CGR, while exposing members and supporters to opportunities and experiences in which they can thrive. 

Goal 1: Quarterly CGR "connects" for Alumni and Experienced Professionals- Create a space for CGR Alumni and Supporters to network, engage and develop. Also responsible for creating a space for the CGR Executive Team to present and meet with sponsors to collect funds.

Goal 2: Annual CGR National Meeting- A time for ALL CGR members and supporters to come together and hear whats going on with CGR, hear from key note speakers, develop, receive awards and recognition and engage. 

Goal 3: Annual CGR "Go-Trip"- CGR Members and Alumni travel internationally to experience new cultures, speak to under privileged high school students about the importance of going to college/education and assist with any service their schools/communities may need.



Lead by: TaNesse and Jada, Directors of UR

University Relations' mission is to oversee CGR-U chapters while holding them accountable to fulfil the purpose of CGR on their campuses and within their communities.  

Goal 1: Create a systematic way to organize, lead and maintain CGR U Chapters

Goal 2: Each CGR University Chapter gives away at least 1 scholarship to a High School Girl in need 

Goal 3:Create a Bridge to employement program at each university 

Goal 4: 2 New CGR Universities Chapters in the State of Georgia 


Lead by: Zhanee, Director of M&D

Mentoring and Membership Developments mission is to develop a mentoring program for CGR Members, at all levels, to connect, thrive and accomplish long term and short term education/career goals. 

Goal 1: Create a comprehensive mentoring program for College and High School Students

Goal 2: Launch at at-least 3 Georgia high schools and/or alternative schools- Enroll at least 50 high school girls 

Goal 3: Simultaneously launch at all CGR-U institutions and match 50 college girls with the 50 high school girls

Goal 4: Work with Special Events and Programming to host a CGR Mentor/Mentee Event (ex: brunch, dinner, outing)

Goal 5: Develop a "bridge to the real world" program for recent graduates

Marketing & Publicity

Marketing and Publicity's mission is to create engaging content that is a relevant, compelling and inspiring reflection of CGR's brand, mission and purpose. 

Goal 1: Increase social media presence by developing a consistent pipeline of content and continuous engagement with online supporters. 

Goal 2: CGR has a complete media kit that it can market to potential sponsors, donors and advertisers.

Goal 3: CGR's website includes engaging content and is updated with information relevant to our visitors.

Goal 4: CGR maintains consistent line of communication with all supporters via Newsletters and/or E-Magazines, Inspirational Texts, ETC. 

Goal 5: CGR creates a sponsorship program that will allow supporting corporations and brands to financially assist CGR in accomplishing it's goals and mission.